Recipes to Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t partake in the gift-giving, flower-sending, commercialized part of Valentine’s Day, it’s still a great opportunity to take the time to tell those you love just how much you care about them, because most people don’t do it often enough (myself included). Embrace the day and share your love by making one of these loveable recipes. And then do your very best to make it a routine. Much love and gratitude to those who read my blog! ♥ Karman

1. Show just how much you care for the special people in your life with these waffles. They’re good for you…but you’d never know it! {100 Days of Real Food}
2. With only 5 ingredients, who wouldn’t fall in love with this recipe for Strawberry Salad with Almonds & Feta {Robin’s Bite}
3. Salted Goji Berry Dark Chocolate Bar–sounds fancy, looks fancy, but doesn’t involve any fancy technique! {The Sweet Life}
4. I’ll take two of these, please. Cherry Spritzer Ice Cream Float {Peanut Butter & Peppers}
5. Spice things up with this easy-to-make Spicy Kale Lasagna {Annie’s Eats}

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