Kitchen Notes, Southern Dining

ktichen notes

In a city where even the finest restaurants are serving up Southern favorites, it takes a lot to make satisfying Southern dishes that stand out among all the others. At the Omni Nashville, Kitchen Notes can hang with the best of ‘em. And that isn’t just my opinion…

This week, I joined several other Nashville Food Bloggers for a night of dinner & drinks at two of the Omni’s restaurants, Kitchen Notes & Barlines. We were all delighted with the spread of food and the hospitality provided, and I’m already planning my return. Maybe next time it will be for breakfast!

I’m always impressed, and excited, when a restaurant can totally change my outlook on a food. After eating at Kitchen Notes, I’m now proud to say that:

1. I don’t hate deviled eggs…I just like the filling to be comprised of more than mayonnaise, mustard, and egg yolks. As I’m writing this I’m really regretting the fact that I didn’t eat more of these…or pack them up in a to-go box!

2. Meatloaf CAN be sophisticated. Don’t limit it to a mound of greasy hamburger smothered in a tomato/ketchup sauce. Blech. Helloooo Bison Meatloaf–where have you been all of my life? 

3. I can now join the rest of Nashville and enjoy a whiskey-based beverage! You get funny looks here when you tell people you don’t like whiskey. Try the Lincoln County Maple Smash at Barlines–maple, citrus, and a hint of mint.

Did I mention they have a biscuit bar? A BISCUIT BAR. And the selections change daily. That is a beautiful thing.

The Menu

Jalapeno, Cheddar, Sausage Biscuits/ Buttermilk Biscuits/ Southern Cornbread
Low Country Crab Cakes/ Deviled Eggs/ Sweet Potato Tater Tots
Winter Squash Latte with Vanilla Bean Foam/ Black Kale, Romaine, Fennel, Apple, Reggiano Cheese Salad
Black Tile Fish with Roasted Vegetables/ Bison Meatloaf with Raisin BBQ/ Nashville Hot Pork Shank & Blue Cheese Waffles
Cast Iron Cobbler/ Hummingbird Cake
Arrington Vineyards Wine/ Lincoln Co. Maple Smash

Have you tried Kitchen Notes, Barlines, or Bob’s Steak and Chop House yet?

Kitchen Notes Southern Dining
Omni Hotel Nashville
250 5th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

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